This branch began its activity in February 2008, with the admission of 23 medical students and 20 dental students.  In March 2010 and September 2011, the first entrants of this center were able to enter the clinical stage with acceptance in the comprehensive exam of basic dental and medical sciences. Currently, with 236 medical and dental students in the professional doctoral program under the supervision of Guilan University of Medical Sciences this branch operates as a mother  university and has been able to be among the top branches in a short period of time. The international branch of Guilan University of Medical Sciences consists of two separate faculties of medicine and  dentistry. The medical school has two floors, and the ground floor consists of histology, pathology, dissection room, embryology, modeling room and animal surgery rooms.  The first floor includes office space, biochemistry laboratory, computer site, classrooms equipped with modern educational equipment, prayer hall, self-service and library equipped with wireless internet, meeting hall, gym equipped with modern fitness equipment. The second floor includes classrooms equipped with modern educational equipment, teaching and EDO office space,  professors' rooms and laboratories of physiology,  immunology, parasitology and microbiology.



    The International Branch of Guilan University of Medical Sciences (GUMS) is located in the center of Bandar Anzali, a port on the south coast of the Caspian Sea within Anzali Free Zone. The International Branch is situated within some 100 meters away from the sea. It was established with the objectives of developing research and educational environs and furthering medical sciences and draws upon years of experience in the field of academic activity to create new horizons and cultivate talents.

The establishment benefits from the knowledge and expertise of reputable national and international faculty members in order to achieve its aims of excellence, which have been devised on the basis of modern medical and dentistry education.

The educational and research facilities of the center alongside the efficient management and the utilization of cutting-edge technology for teaching medical sciences provide interested students with a serene and academic environment which fully complies with international standards. 

These circumstances have been designed to provide maximal academic and cultural interaction with the international medical community in order to secure a prosperous and bright career path for the students.


Guilan University of Medical Sciences-International Branch (GUMS-IB) was inaugurated in February 2009 based on the one hundred and eighty-fifth session of the Council of the Expansion of the National Committee for Developing Medical Universities that approved the founding of GUMS-IB in Anzali. Dr. Hassan Behboudi as the deputy minister in Guilan and chancellor of GUMS appointed Dr. Ali Mohammadzadeh Jouryabi as the dean of GUMS-IB to start up the international branch in Anzali.

The former building of Shahid Beheshti Hospital in Anzali with approximately 8000 square meters of infrastructure was allocated to be rebuilt and changed in order to train medical and dentistry students with possible future developments to attract students in other courses related to medical and paramedical sciences.
GUMS-IB began its mission with twenty-two students of medicine and twenty students of dentistry.
It was inaugurated in the presence of Dr. Bahram Einollahi, the venerable deputy minister of Ministry of Health and Medical Education then, Mr. Hassan Khastehband (an MP for Anzali), Mr. Ghahremani (governor of Guilan province), chancellor and vice-chancellor of education, treatment, promotion of management and resources, health and cultural and student affairs of GUMS and other officials of Guilan province and the city of Anzali.

 Primary Goals and Strategies


1- Attending to the goals of the honorable government of the Islamic Republic of Iran in developing the scientific presence of the country on both national and international levels

2- Responding to the ever-increasing demand for higher education in the country

3- Attracting students interested in health care studies, including Iranian students and students of other nationalities

4- Benefiting from the cooperation of Iranian experts living abroad

5- Attending to and utilizing national and foreign expertise in international medical training

6- Enhancing effective academic and cultural interactions with other countries in order to raise the country to a distinguished and internationally recognized position in medical sciences and education based upon the 20-year Iranian prospect plan

7- Creating joint partnerships with international educational institutes

8- Establishing a health village in Anzali Free Zone in order to provide services to the Iranian people and contribute to medical tourism


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