As the capital of Gilan province, Rasht has a lot of scenery to see and Rasht Shahrdari Square is certainly one of them. This Square is located in the heart of the city and next to the traditional Bazaar of Rasht where you can actually meet the locals and their lifestyle. Rasht Shahrdari Square, which is located in the center of the city, is one of the most beautiful squares in Iran. The north of Iran might take credit for its natural attractions, but it also has some beautiful manmade structures like this one.

You are going to love Rasht Shahrdari Square for several reasons. First of all, this square is the main place where people of Rasht choose to gather. So, just by walking around it, you can meet kind and warm Rashti people. Next, you will fall in love with the view, especially at night.

In the center of the square, there is a big fountain and if you look around, you will see the famous municipal (Shahrdari) building. This building is more like a place and it resembles Saint Petersburg’s architecture. The Clock Tower, Post and Telegraph Museum are other structures in this square with a similar look. You might think it is hard to navigate while you are in the center of the city because of the congestion, but it’s not the case in Rasht. A major renovation took place a few years ago around this square and as a result of that, no vehicle is now allowed in the surrounding area. The streets turned to pavements and lots of statues, greenery, and cultural elements had been added.

Last Update date : Mar 12 2022 09:59