Laton Waterfall in Astara is one of the masterpieces of nature in Guilan province and in the heart of Spinas Mountains. The height of the Laton Waterfall is 105 meters and is considered as the highest waterfall in Iran. In order to go to the Laton waterfall, you must go 15 km south of Astara, on the border with Ardabil province, and pass along the roads of the city of Londvil and the village of Kooteh Koomeh. After this route, you should take a 4-hour nature walk along a beautiful path in the forest. On the forest path of Londvil you can drink cool water from springs and watch the virgin view of nature for many moments. On the forest way of Londvil, you will face the Asio Vashun Village, which is almost vacant, and just five families live there. In this village you can use Noor Muhammad cafe for a short rest and a cup of tea. After passing through all of these beauties, the magnificence of the Laton Waterfall appears in front of your eyes and makes you a beautiful image. The Laton Waterfall originates from the highest mountains of Astara, Spinas Mountain and flows into the Londvil River, then passes through the village of Kooteh Koomeh and at last flows to Caspian Sea. The Laton Waterfall is also known as Barezva. On your journey to Laton Waterfall visit the Spinas castle and the beautiful Laton Castle.

Last Update date : Dec 1 2021 15:54