Sport and Entertainment

Imam Khomeini Sports Complex


has a multi-purpose hall with an internal environment of 45 meters in length and 30 meters in width and a spectator platform with a capacity of 400 people. This sports complex is equipped with a gym and table tennis, dormitory, prayer hall and toilets for athletes and office rooms for the staff of the Physical Education Department. Also, in the student dormitories there are sports halls for students.

Cultural and Extracurricular Department


Guilan University of Medical Sciences Vice Chancellor for Culture and Student Affairs has various units to meet the needs of students, including the Cultural and Extracurricular Department, whose duties are listed below:


1- Holding cultural and religious ceremonies equal to the calendar of cultural events of the university.

2- Holding written and oral competitions for memorizing, and reciting the Holy Quran especially for academics.

3- Holding Quranic, pilgrimage and tourism camps (inside and outside the province).

4- Supervising the performance of student associations (Quran - poetry and literature - Red Crescent, etc.).



Guilan University of Medical Sciences Student Associations:


Film and Photo Student Association (East of Guilan)

Literary Student Association (Rasht) and (East of Guilan)

Visual Arts Student Association (East of Guilan)

Red Crescent Student Association (Rasht) and (East of Guilan)

Student Health Center (Rasht) and (East of Guilan)

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