1. Downloding the required forms and completing them from here



2. Completing the Online Application from here



3. Checking the received documents and sending them to the Vice Chancellor for Education (2 to 7 days)



4. Reviewing the documents submitted by the Deputy of Education in the International Education Committee to confirm the scientific qualification of the candidate (15 days)



5. Announcement of initial acceptance to the candidate



6. Uploading the last degree and photo of the volunteer on SAORG (2 to 7 days)



7. Getting permission (8-digit code) from SAORG (10 days to 2 weeks)



8. Sending documents to the relevant faculty and department (2 to 7 days)



9. Announcing the final acceptance to the candidate



10. Following consular affairs of the volunteer by the International Student Affairs Organization of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (2 to 7 days)



11. Issuing student visa by the mentioned organization (7 to 15 days)



12. Sending the student visa to the candidate by the office of International Affairs (2 to 7 days)



13. Introducing the candidate to the Deputy of Education and Student Affairs to register and pay tuition to use the welfare facilities (2 to 7 days)



14. Introducing the candidate to the security police for a one-year residence (7 to 10 days)



15. Start studying





Last Update date : Apr 27 2023 13:21