All faculties and dormitories of Guilan University of Medical Sciences have libraries, all of which operate under control of the central library of this university.


Mission and purpose:


1- Collecting, maintaining and organizing written and non-written materials and resources for use in education and research


2- Assisting researchers to obtain the required information through cooperation with other research centers and libraries of medical universities across the country


3- Providing the necessary scientific resources to meet the educational, research and study needs of students, faculty members and university researchers


4- Upgrading the library of the university in all aspects at the university level


5- Increasing the productivity of the library and its resources


6- Evaluating and measuring the scientometric indicators of the faculty of the university and designing the necessary programs in order to promote their scientific position in the country and at the international level.





1- The libraries of university is determined by the growth of its facilities and services and by creating a suitable environment, while developing services to users and satisfying the clients, has realized the process of continuous improvement of library services and facilities and as one of the most active libraries in the field. 


2- The libraries of university tries to hold faculties of information seeking and electronic resources for faculty members and students to help improve the quality of education and research.


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