Guilan School of Pharmacy was established in February 2012 with an infrastructure of about 10,000 square meters on four floors. The school has specialized departments of pharmaceutics,  pharmaceutical chemistry, clinical pharmacy, pharmacology and toxicology, pharmacognosy and pharmaceutical biotechnology. It is worth mentioning that the Faculty of Pharmacy started its activities in February 2013 by admitting 39 students of the general doctorate course of pharmacy. In 2016, the building of educational laboratories with 8600 square meters of infrastructure on 2 floors, including instrumental analysis laboratory, pharmaceutical chemistry laboratory, analysis laboratory, pharmaceutics  laboratory, pharmacognosy laboratory, pharmacology and toxicology laboratory, microbial control laboratory and an animal house was also equipped and used.  Currently, the Faculty of Pharmacy is operating with a building infrastructure of about 18,600 square meters  including 20 specialized faculty members and 320  general doctoral students in pharmacy. 

Last Update date : Jan 5 2022 15:17