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Successful Surgical Removal of Brain Tumor Using Intraoperative Ultrasound Machine at Porsina Medical Teaching Center in Rasht

For the first time in Guilan province, brain tumor removal surgery using ultrasound during surgery was successfully performed by Dr. Zahir Rihanian.

     According to Guilan University of Medical Sciences news agency (WEBDA); For the first time in Guilan province, a successful brain tumor removal surgery using ultrasound was performed by Dr. Zahir Rihanian - neurosurgeon specialist at Porsina Medical Teaching Center.

      Dr. Zahir Rihanian said “Currently, the use of imaging tools to diagnose these patients has been facilitated and most of the tumors are large enough to require surgery”.

      This neurosurgeon introduced the use of intraoperative ultrasound as one of the newest methods of successful tumor surgery in the world and added "this method shows the size, location and vascular nature of the tumor and its adjacent space with the structures around the brain and helps the surgeon to be able to remove the tumor as much as possible without damaging the brain tissue and the recovery process of the patient escalates."

      Regarding this successful surgery at the Porsina Medical Teaching Center, Dr. Rihanian said “The patient, a 50-year-old woman, who came to the clinic complaining of headache and weakness of movement of the limbs, was diagnosed with a large tumor. She underwent surgery and is currently recovering with a favorable general condition.”

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