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GUMS takes part in the 5th Association of theUniversities of the Caspian Region Countries

   Webinar meeting on the “Fifth Association of the Medical Universities of the Caspian Region Countries” was held on the 3rd of October with the participant of representatives of five countries.

   During this meeting, the compiled plans of the previous meeting in Kazakhstan, as well as the joint plans of Caspian universities in the new and future period, were examined and analyzed.

   According to Dr. Iman Alizadeh, Director of International Affairs of Gilan University of Medical Sciences, the most important goal of the association is the creation of a corridor to promote international competition between Iran and four other member countries.

   He also added that Iran and Gilan University of Medical Sciences are trying to provide and promote medical tourism services.

   In addition to health tourism, Guilan University of Medical Sciences has made plans for accepting international students and developing research relations in the form of international projects.




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