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Memorandum of Cooperation Between Guilan University and GUMS

   A 5 years Memorandum of Cooperation has been signed this Sunday Between the two universities at Guilan University of Medical Sciences. Synergy of talents and Educational capacities was the main concern of the meeting. Participants also discussed consular affairs of international students, cultivating specialized and skilled human resources in the fields of medical and non-medical sciences and increasing bilateral cooperation in order to facilitate the recruitment of international students.

   “Guilan University of Medical Sciences has unique capacities in terms of science and educated faculty members and has the capacity to accept more international students.” The Head of GUMS, Dr. Baloo said.

GUMS’ president considered health economics as the most important part of the joint cooperation and added: “GUMS has a huge capability in the field of health tourism and the capacity to gain positive results in the area”.

   Dr. Farid Najafi, head of Guilan University, noted the importance of communication and cooperation between the two universities, especially in the establishment of Interdisciplinary studies degree programs. He mentioned the great challenges of waste and said: “By establishing new fields and courses related to Waste Management, the problem could be solved scientifically and logically.”


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