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The 7th International Students Admission Committee

In the 7th international students Admission Committee, arrangements were made to facilitate the recruitment process of these students.

According to the public relations of the university's office of international affairs, the 7th meeting of international student recruitment was held on January the second at the office of the vice-chancellor of the university. During this meeting, in addition to examining 3 cases of applicants' files, measures were also taken to facilitate the process of international student recruitment.

During the meeting, Dr. Afshin Shafaqi, Vice President of Education, Dr. Iman Alizadeh, Director of International Affairs, Dr. Ebrahim Nasiri, Director of Educational Affairs, Dr. Iraj Nikokar, Superintendent of Postgraduate Education, Dr. Seyed Mehdi Zia Ziyabari, Superintendent of Pardis International Campus, Dr. Hamid Mohammadi Kajidi, representative of the Faculty of Medicine and a group of international affairs experts were present.

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