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The development of international relations has a great impact on the acquisition of scientific authority

According to WEBDA, at the meeting of international deputies and directors of medical universities and affiliated organizations in the Imam Javad (AS) Hall of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Seyed Mohammad Pourhosseini stated that the 20-year Vision Document of Iran should be developed and be a leader in the field of science and technology in the region. This can only be achieved by gaining scientific authority in universities and the necessary capabilities in the international arena.


Educational diplomacy, the fourth pillar of foreign policy

Pointing out that the root of all change is in science and technology societies, which are centered on universities, he said: "Science and technology diplomacy is placed next to public, political and cultural diplomacy, and the fourth dimension of foreign policy has been introduced as educational diplomacy."

Adviser to the Minister and Director General of the Ministry continued: Scientific diplomacy has a very important role in resolving problems between countries. We have gained success in the field of education, scientific and student exchanges, but we still have lots to do for reaching higher levels.

Dr. Pourhosseini stated: Iran has great facilities in the field of health economy, services, and health tourism, which enables us to achieve a lot in these fields in the region at least.

He added: "The development of health diplomacy can help the development of universities and technological and knowledge-based services in the country which paves our way towards the international arena."

Adviser to the Minister and Director General of the Ministry, referring to the importance of the results of international agreements and treaties for the country, saying "No international agreement and cooperation should be signed without economic achievement for the country."

He called on the country's universities of medical sciences to cooperate with the Office of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Health in order to develop international relations in the field of health and saying, "Unfortunately, we are witnessing some international trips by some universities which are useful for some people and there is no achievement for the university and the country."

He attributed today’s authority of the health system in managing and controlling Corona virus and the significant reduction in the number of cases and deaths to international efforts, and said that controlling Corona virus by vaccination was an example of using international capacities. Had it not been for these efforts, we would not be witnessing peace and pride for the health system today.

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