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Vice Chancellors and Heads of International Departments of Iranian Medical Universities Meet to Discuss Medical Universities' Internationalization Objectives

A meeting of vice chancellors and directors of international departments at Iranian medical universities was held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education on Saturday, May 14, 2022. Among the attendees were a representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Director-General of International Affairs at the Ministry of Health.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Mohmmad Hossein Nicknam, Director-General of International Affairs, stated that global interactions are among the priorities set by Iran’s Supreme Leader, the President and the Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education. “To emerge as a scientific authority, we must establish international cooperation and communication” said Dr. Nicknam. He stressed the necessity of developing a common vocabulary between international departments at universities and the Ministry of Health, as well as addressing considerations in international relations.

Also speaking at the meeting, Dr. Mehdi Honardoost, Director General of Ceremonies at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, elaborated on the key ceremonial protocols and emphasized the importance of coordination and coherence between international staff at medical universities and their counterparts in the Ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs.

In his address to the meeting, Dr. Ali Namaki, Health Minister’s Advisor in Special Affairs, alluded to the presence of an international committee at the Policy Council of the Ministry of Health, and noted its role in using international capacities to improve health indicators. Towards the end of the event, some of the country’s medical universities expounded on their efforts in the area of internationalization. 

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