Langeroud School of Paramedical Sciences (Allied Medical Sciences) was established in Eastern Guilan Educational Complex, which is located in the tourist spot of Leyla Kooh, Langeroud, in 2009 based on the approval granted at the forty-fourth session of the Educational Council and the University Council of Guilan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services. The school began its activities as a branch of Guilan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services by offering “Medical Laboratory Sciences” program and “Radiology” program at associate degree level and then at bachelor’s level in 2007 and 2008. A number of students were subsequently admitted to the school in the fields of “Operating Room Technology” and “Anesthesia Technology”. The school also accepted five students at master’s level in Medical Biotechnology in 2013. Based on the vote issued in the 215th session of the Council for the Development of medical science universities, it was agreed to launch the Department of Applied Cell Sciences of Guilan University of Medical Sciences with the capacity of admitting PhD students. With the provision of facilities and infrastructure (clean room and laboratory), the development of two fields of Tissue Engineering at the doctoral level and Medical Nanotechnology at the master's level is in process.


Present status

Paramedical School of Langeroud currently offers academic courses at bachelor’s level in Laboratory Sciences, Radiology, Operating Room Technology, Anesthesia; at master's level in Medical Biotechnology and at doctoral level in Applied Cell Sciences. Resourceful professors are responsible for theoretical and practical education of students in these fields. Excellent facilities and the abilities of faculty members and staff make this school an outstanding academic and research center in the country. These facilities include classrooms with audio-visual equipment, conference hall and workshop rooms, amphitheater, clean room and scientific laboratories such as microbiology and parasitology; hematology, immunology & serology; chemistry & biochemistry; tissue laboratory and also research laboratory of modern technologies in medical sciences. The school has several affiliated hospitals including Shahid Hosseinpour, Dr. Pirooz, Kosar, Shahid Ansari, Pour Sina and Razi hospital.

To be accepted in the programs offered by the school, Iranian students should take the National Entrance Exam, administered by the Ministry of Education. The academic schedule at the school is term-based. The autumn term begins in September and ends in January and the spring term begins in February and ends in June.                                                               

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