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The Meeting of Deputy and International Managers

According to Webda, in this meeting, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Niknam, Director General of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Health, stated that International interactions are among the priorities set by the Supreme Leader, the President and the Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education.

He added: "To achieve scientific authority, we must have international cooperation and communication."

Dr. Nicknam emphasized the importance of achieving a common literature between the management of international universities and the international headquarters of the Ministry of Health, saying "Observing principle in international interactions may be a little harder, but it can prevent many problems."

Dr. Mehdi Honardoost, Director General of Ceremonies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, explained the form and content of work in the field of ceremonies and said that things like dressing, negotiating, knowing the language, etc. should be considered.

He then emphasized on achieving the final goal of the organization, such as optimal communication, offering capabilities and receiving the opportunity and obtaining the necessary information from the content work in the ceremony.

Then, Dr. Ali Namaki, Advisor and Assistant to the Minister's Special Affairs, addressed the most important responsibilities of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education in the new term stating: The Policy Council of the Ministry of Health has various committees, one of which is the International Committee. It should strive to improve the indicators of the health system quantitatively and qualitatively using international capacities.

Following this meeting, three universities of medical sciences of Kerman, Isfahan and Tehran, expressed their international activities.

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